Kalish Morrow will make a difference for Hanford if elected to the City Council by getting the government out of the way.

Many of Hanford’s problems are caused by government intrusion into the everyday lives of Hanford’s residents and businesses. Kalish has a platform based around cutting the red tape and getting government out of the way of development, give Hidden Valley Park to the people of Hanford to develop as they see fit, get government out of the way of community solutions to the homeless crisis, and focusing our priority on public safety.

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Cut The Red Tape

Hanford is well known for being a town where it’s difficult to open a business with its heavy restrictions and costly fees having hampered its true potential. A change in how we do things would include reducing the red tape and increasing incentives. This is how we save our historic buildings, create a vibrant Downtown while allowing the rest of the town to thrive in unison.

Hidden Valley Park

For decades the people of Hanford have wanted to develop the second half of Hidden Valley Park into additional park space. Despite community uproar, the Council decided to list it as surplus property with the intention to have much of the land developed into additional housing. Hidden Valley belongs to the people and, in the spirit of how the first half was developed, should be allowed to organize a community effort to transform the second half into additional park space.

Homeless Issue

California’s housing crisis is a result of overreaching government policy which has driven up costs of living, created a high demand on housing and has weakened our middle class. In short, the homeless issue is multi-faceted and the ones tackling the issue the best are privately ran organizations who are working on the front line. As a city, we can help by allowing more services like these to take place while also making sure the cost of living remains affordable with low taxes and fees. 

We can also encourage more development by creating an easier and more affordable process to renovate upstairs living spaces in our historic buildings and allowing more innovative ideas such as tiny homes to take place.

California’s biggest cities as well as many of our neighboring towns such as Lemoore, Visalia, and Fresno are in fact Charter Cities.

Public Safety

The top priority of government is protecting its people and their property. The men and women of our Police and Fire Department put their lives on the line for us and our families often times going above and beyond to serve this community. It is our duty to make sure our first responders are always fully staffed and equipped with what they need to keep the public safe from theft, violence and disasters.

A Better toMorrow Awaits…


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The Souse Angle Episode 48: Getting Political as a Military Spouse
A Candidate Of & For The People

Who Is Kalish Morrow?

Kalish Morrow is a former business owner who is now a full time Interior Designer working out of her home while raising her two young homeschooled sons. Her husband is a Weapons Systems Officer in the US Navy and has served 3 combat tours over the course of their marriage. She began serving in her community shortly after opening her boutique, The Soaking Tub in Downtown Hanford, when she was elected to serve on the Board of Directors with Main Street Hanford (2015-2018), she co-founded a 501(c)3 called Heart of Hanford with the purpose of helping to protect and preserve Hanford’s historic downtown. During that time Heart of Hanford began the monthly Art Hop and organized protests of the destruction of the Old Historic Fire Station on Lacey – now just a vacant lot with no plan moving forward . Her leadership experience includes serving as Chair of the LP of Kings County where she has organized different events to include 2019’s Yosemite Park Cleanup during the Government shutdown. As a business owner she began advocating for small businesses in her town which steered her to run for Hanford City Council in 2016.
  • A Local Resident
  • A Former Downtown Business Owner
  • An Advocate For The People
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